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How to Make DIY Banquette Seating from Ikea Kallax

I wanted a corner banquette in my eat in kitchen,but couldn't find anything I really liked. I decided to look into making one myself, after doing some research I chose to use the Ikea Kallax Shelving/Cubbie (any cube system would work though) The dimensions work really well for the space I have in my kitchen too.

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Ikea Kallax

I chose to build my base first (the cube system), so I could get accurate measurements to purchase materials.  Obviously just follow your assembly instructions that come with your cube system.

Materials for Cushion:

Plywood- cut to size of your bench (Home Depot and Lowes can cut to size for free) I used 1/2 inch
Foam- I used 2 inch (buy at any craft store, check for sales and coupons, tip Hobby Lobby always has a 40% a single non sale item coupon online)
Quiters Batting- this is nice because it will hold together the foam and wood, and cover the bottom of the wood so you don't scratch your bench.
Fabric- I was able to cover both benches with 2 yards of 54" wide fabric (my bench is 57.75" X 15.5" I would recommend a vinyl or faux leather material for easier cleaning)


tools, ladies tool kit, purple tools
Staple Gun
Staples for your Staple Gun
Hammer- for any staples that don't go in all the way
Flat Head Screwdriver- remove staples if needed
Fabric Shears or Scissors
Electric Turkey Carver- makes cutting foam super easy (can find for under $20)

I would highly recommend getting a household tool set, my boyfriend recently bought me one and I love it.  It's great to not have to figure out where he put the tools or use greasy tools that have been used to work on cars. Unfortunately I didn't get it until after this project.


If you need to cut your foam to size I recommend using your plywood that is already cut and placing it on top of you foam. Trace around the plywood with a sharpie, and you are now good to cut.

The next few steps aren't required, but will make the process a bit easier.
1.Lay out you fabric, bottom side up.
2.Place quilt batting on top of fabric.
3.Set foam on batting centered.
4.Put plywood on foam and line it up.

Now you are set to assemble and won't have keep running around for your supplies and readjusting things.

1. Wrap quilt batting around foam and plywood, staple to ensure it holds,fold the sides like wrapping present.
2. Fold fabric over and staple. When you start the other side pull very taut to make sure it won't be loose. Again, fold sides like you are wrapping a gift.
3.Flip it over,and place on you bench.
4. Relax on your new bench!!

ikea hack, diy, banquette seating, dining

diy, ikea hack, bench seat, banquette

This project is super easy,and fairly quick do too. It took me an hour or so to make both cushions. Building the 2 Ikea Kallax units probably took longer.
ikea hack, banquette seating, bench seat, diy
ignore the ugly cord, the hidden cube is hiding our internet router.